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Sometimes we or our ‘enemies’ make BIOS settings of our computer password protected. We either forget the password or are not aware of the actions of our ‘enemy’.

Password protecting BIOS settings and later forgetting it may cause following problems:
Not able to start computer
Not able install Operating System
Not able to boot from CD or DVD or USB
Not able to change anything under BIOS Settings

and many other problems.

In this article I will teach you a simple and easy technique to completely remove password from BIOS settings so that next time your start your Computer, you will be not asked to provide the password of BIOS Settings.

Please note: This is not any kind of hacking trick, this is the only solution when we forget our BIOS password beside re-installing BIOS or installing a complete new motherboard. You would be responsible for whatever action you take after reading this article.

To remove password from BIOS setting of your Computer follow the given steps:

1. Open your Computer’s cabinet (Sometimes incorrectly referred as the CPU).
2. Look carefully at the Motherboard of your computer. In the Motherboard you will find a silver coin like stuff, remove it and keep it in a safe place.

This silvery coin is actually a cell(Battery you may say).
If I tell you what it does in technical language then you may get irritated and close this page.
In common man’s language this cell helps your computer to remember password, the password of BIOS Settings.

Remove coin out and wait for 1 minute, 60 seconds.
3. After 60 seconds place back this silvery coin, cell in it’s proper place, in motherboard.

That’s it. Now when you will start your computer you will be no longer asked for Password in BIOS Settings.

Tip: Doing this may manipulate time of your computer, fix time from both BIOS Setting and from your Operating System.

How it works ?

Very simple logic, once you remove this cell from your motherboard for 60 seconds or more, your computer forgets the password of BIOS and also forgets that BIOS Settings were made Password Protected. Once you put the cell again in it’s original place, the next time when you will start your Computer, the password of BIOS Settings will not be asked.

Hope you enjoyed this trick. Your feedback is extremely important for us, use below comment form and tells us whether you were successful in resetting password of BIOS or not ?


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