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‘ How to Increase my Internet Speed ? ‘ this is most asked question ever. Technology upgrades everyday. We had 2G then Now We have 3G and some parts of world have 4G. There are many people who surf internet through a Broadband Connection but there are still many people who are still dependent on dial-up connection or modem connection which makes World Wide Web into World Wait Web.

No need to worry if your internet is slow, Today TechDay will teach you a trick on How to Increase Your Internet connection Speed ?

If you are using Windows Operating System than you might not be aware of facts that 20% of of your Internet Speed is ‘Locked’ for ‘Windows Update’ purpose. If you will perform our trick than you can Increase your Internet Speed by 20% !

In this trick we will unlock this pre-reserved internet speed by a simple and easy tweak.

Follow the Given steps to Increase your Internet Speed:

1. Goto Start, than Run
Press WinKey + R
2. In Run type GPEDIT.MSC and hit Enter
3. Group Policy Editor Window will be launched.
4. From left hand side, Navigate to Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network -> QOS Packet Scheduler
5. Now Look for setting like ‘Limit reservable bandwidth’
6. Right click on ‘Limit reservable bandwidth’ and select properties
7. By default it will set to ‘Not Configured’, Now Select ‘Enable’ and set Bandwidth Limit to 0%
8. Click on OK and Close Group Policy Editor Window

Please note that in some version of Windows like Windows 7 Home Premium, Home Basic and Starter donot come with Group Policy Editor, so you will get Not Found error if you type gpedit.msc in run dialog box and hit enter. To learn How to install Group Policy Editor in Windows 7 Home Basic, Starter and Home Premium version check our Article here.

That’s it!! Now your Internet Speed is Increased by 20% !!

Enjoy !!


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